Your Chance To Be GREAT

If you’re a newly qualified teacher in Maths or English, or Primary Education, you may be well qualified and enthusiastic about accessing the teaching profession, but it’s not always easy for you to source, properly assess and successfully apply for the right kind of vacancy. That’s why you need Great.  We specialise in helping exceptional teaching talent to secure work in schools and academies across the North West and become great.

We understand that it takes time to become a great teacher, so when we’ve found you, we’ll do everything that we can to ensure that you are successful and can achieve great things. You’ll be given industry leading mentoring, support and encouragement to grow your skills, gain experience and build the foundations of a great career.

Our focus as a specialist teacher recruitment agency for teachers of Maths, English, and Primary Education, is not just on placing you in the right kind of job, but helping you to go on and reach your full potential to become great. We’ll take the journey with you, because we genuinely care about what happens to your future teaching career.

A Journey To Greatness

A Journey To Greatness

We don’t think you should embark on your teaching career alone. Our Great advisers will be with you all the way, ensuring you make great choices, take the right pathway and gain valuable experience.

  • Fast track your career and your future
  • Benefit from a fantastic rewards package
  • Access the best possible teaching vacancies
  • Reach your full teaching potential with Great advice

At Great our key strength is our ability to see, nurture and develop the greatness in the people that we recruit. We understand that this takes time, effort and commitment on both parts.

Fast tracking your success and helping you to shape your future, is something we are committed to. That’s why we take our time to assess all NQT applicants that we think have the potential to go on and be great. Great teachers inspire others to aim high and achieve great things - that’s why we want you to succeed.