GREAT Assessment Process

We are on the look out for newly qualified teachers in Maths or English, or Primary Education, talented NQTs that want to access the top teaching jobs in the North West. We don’t believe in just using your CV as the basis of our screening and assessment, we go one step further, inviting the best candidates to take part in a Skype interview.
This interview is a good platform for understanding your ambitions, chatting through our expectations and generally getting to know you. If we think you’ve got what it takes to become a great teacher, we will invite you to our Assessment Day, and, if we are impressed, will make you an offer.

The Assessment Day

We only invite those that have great potential to attend one of our Assessment Days. This is an ideal platform for matching the right person, to the right position, and provides us an opportunity to further understand your skills, aptitude and appetite for the teaching profession. It’s also a chance for you to show us what you can do by taking part in a series of exercises with other NQTs, written tasks, one-on-one interviews, presentations, informal activities and skills tests. In fact, our Assessment Day is all about you and where you might go in the future.